Welcome to the Zarate Research Group

We would like to invite you to attend the meetings that are going to be held in Chile this year


XVII Encuentro de Química Inorgánica
21 - 24 October 2018
Los Andes, Chile


Hot topics


Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger "On September 14, 2015 at 09:50:45 UTC the two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory simultaneously observed a transient gravitational-wave signal..."




PostDoc fellowship


We are looking for highly motivated candidates who aspire to work in challenging research projects in the field of computational chemistry.

The fellowship to apply is from the Chilean PostDoctoral FONDECYT Scholarship that funds up to 3 years projects: Monthly salary of about 2,200 USD. Reagent and travel allowance: USD$ 10,000 a year. Deadline is on June 2019. Results in November 2019.

Contact: jazminac@gmail.com


11th Workshop on Computational Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy

15 -18 October 2018

Concón, Chile



XLIV Congreso Internacional de Químicos Teóricos de Expresión Latina 

8 - 12 Octubre 2018

Santiago, Chile



XVI Encuentro de Química Inorgánica

15 - 18 November 2016

La Serena, Chile



Llano Subercaseaux 2801, San Miguel,

Región Metropolitana

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